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Timothy Lee’s “Disruptive economics” blog on Forbes has a post, “The Supreme Court should invalidate Software Patents”,  It’s a good post and I recommend reading it.  I agree with Tim’s reasoning and logic but I ultimately disagree with his conclusion.

This week the “This American Life” radio show on MPR aired the following story.  It’s good to see that this is getting some wider coverage. Transcript: And This American Life published an audio exposé on the problems of software patents and the current abuses of the patent system; it talks about how […]

Where, oh where, did my download go? Apple was nice enough to put a debug menu in the OS/X App Store.  To enable this menu,  launch terminal and enter the following command: defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true Restart the App Store and you get the following: I’m not sure how useful rest of the […], Julie Sameuls, EFF Julie Samuels of the EFF reports on a significant problem: developers choosing not to sell apps because of fear of law suits.  “…Lately we’ve seen a disturbing new trend: patent trolls targeting app developers. … It should come as no surprise then to hear reports that developers are pulling their apps from the U.S. […]

I have been watching the turmoil in the mobile development world with a great deal of angst.  I don’t have any applications that are at risk, so I could ignore the situation.  The truth is that this is a really big deal, and no one should be ignoring it.  In simple terms, I believe this to be […]

When I was at University, I remember my compiler professor telling me the four rules of writing a compiler: “Make it right, make it right, make it right, make it fast”.  The point was that no matter how fast the compiler was, it was worthless if it didn’t operate correctly; and close wasn’t good enough! […]

I suppose each blog begins with an entry like this… “Why I created this blog.”  In many respects, a better question is, “Why didn’t I create this blog before?” Okay, admission of guilt.  I’ve been coming up with excuses not to create this blog for longer than I can remember: “I want it to look […]