, Julie Sameuls, EFF

Julie Samuels of the EFF reports on a significant problem: developers choosing not to sell apps because of fear of law suits.  “…Lately we’ve seen a disturbing new trend: patent trolls targeting app developers. … It should come as no surprise then to hear reports that developers are pulling their apps from the U.S. app stores.”

This is, in my opinion, a really big deal; it is also, unfortunately, just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  I know several developers who have chosen not to publish in the app store for just this reason.  I don’t think we have any idea of much innovation or creativity is lost as a result of these concerns, but I suspect it is significant.  How many developers are avoiding the app store now?  How many will avoid it in the future?  How many will withdraw from the app store?  In the end, we all lose: consumers, developers, handset makers, cellular-service companies, the economy.  Restricting creativity hurts us all; that is why we need to stop economic abuse in the name of intellectual property.