Apple seems to have bobbled their latest iOS 5 beta release: after updating my iPhone 4 last night, the Music app is no longer able to play any music or audio books. Whenever I try to play a track, it shows the player, scans the albums track names, and returns to the album listing. It seems like it is unable to find the track.

I have two important points on this:

  1. It is beta software.
  2. This is pretty unusual for Apple to have such a glaring error in a late beta.

To be certain, I am not complaining; this is news-worthy since it helps others who are trying to diagnose or resolve the same problem. To anyone who does complain about this, please kindly recall that it *is* a beta release. Apple warns everyone before they downloaded, installed, or updated. If we have grown accustomed to nearly ready-for-primetime betas from Apple, we should consider how difficult that feat is and how well Apple normally handles it. Still, I’m looking forward to iOS 5 beta 8 and the opportunity to continue listening to Brian Greene’s “Fabric of the Cosmos” (or I can load it on another device).

Addendum: You can easily solve this problem by removing and reloading the audio.