Yesterday morning, I spoke at MobileMarchTC on OpenGL ES on the iPad.  The presentation is an introduction to 3D graphics, with a particular focus on OpenGL ES and the iPad.  I covered concepts, terminology, and tools; it is intended to help newcomers get oriented to the world of 3D and OpenGL ES.

I will be presenting this at CocoaHeads in May

Here is the slide desk:


Here are some resources:  (I’ll try to get them cleanup up and add descriptions, but this is a good start!)

3D @ ManiacDev

Jeff LaMarch has several good articles, including a demo app for loading a 3D model from Wavefront OBJ format and a blender export script
NeHe Productions has a number of good articles and  tutorials
Here are the 3D properties demo by Nate Robins.  They are very dated, but source code is included
Phillip Rideout, iPhone 3D Programming

Matrix Math:


If you were at the presentation, I hope you enjoyed it and find this information worthwhile.  If you came across this by other means, I’m glad you found it; I’m hoping to post the presentation video, but I have a lot of work to do before I can even start on that one.