Robert Altman

I am a software developer with a passion for inquiry and learning: I have been writing software professionally since 1990.  I develop in C/C++, C#, Objective-C; and work mostly with Cocoa, CocoaTouch, .NET, and .NET compact frameworks.  I have worked extensivly with COM/DCOM and Win32 platforms and have made extensive use of ATL, MFC, and Visual Basic.

I also spend a good deal of time working with database systems and have been designing data architecture and writing stored procedures almost as long as I’ve been writing code.  Most of my database work is done using SQLServer and SQLite, but I’ve been known to work with MySQL as well.

Today, my main development focus is in mobility, particularly iOS (iPhone and iPad), and I continue to develop projects for Windows Mobile using the .NET Compact framework. I am currently exploring Android and Windows Phone7 development projects.

I have also developed projects for/in:

  • Microsoft Surface
  • ASP.NET with MVC3 and Razor
  • WPF
  • C++/CLI

Other interests include cosmology, quantum physics, quantum computers, intellectual property issues, and writing.  I live in Minneapolis, MN with my wife, two kids, two cats, and two dogs.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, in 1992.

How to reach me:

Twitter: @mStyle

Google+ @

LinkedIn: @

Or, send me a message using this contact form